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Originally Posted by bevinpiphi View Post
If her chapter is still standing, it may be lovely to donate one as an honor badge to her chapter - we have a badge that members can "borrow" for weddings. I wore my rescued pearl badge over my heart on my wedding day - my husband found it in a thrift shop, and recognized it because of "all those stinking arrows in the house".
I would LOVE to see pictures of those arrows. I love seeing old styles of the badge.
What a lovely idea!

I recently had the opportunity to visit the founding chapter of my sorority (not Pi Phi - although I love your arrow badge) and they had a huge display of badges, including those encrusted with rubies, sapphires, diamonds and opals as well as pearls (which is the traditional stone for my sorority badge) as well as with very embellished engraving. It was such a treat
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