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Originally Posted by exlurker View Post
Hmm, I guess that might be the case; however, the Phi Mu history book I mentioned says that it's an "interesting coincidence" that the "new" Transy chapter got those two letters.

Phi Mu's Delta Zeta chapter was installed in 1931 (Cincinnati), and before that Delta Epsilon (Purdue) in 1929.

Then after the merger Delta Iota in 1942 (Baldwin - Wallace).

So whether it was an intentional, deliberate honor or just a happy coincidence, Delta Theta fit right into the Delta sequence of Phi Mu chapters.
For what it is worth, I got my information from Delta Theta chapter members. (Transy is in Lexington, Kentucky and not far from The University of Kentucky campus.) In any case, I was also told that the Delta Theta chapter - as the founding (Alpha) chapter of Alpha Delta Theta - was the first Alpha Delta Theta chapter to be initiated into Phi Mu. As such, my guess is that Phi Mu realized that the Delta Theta designation would be coming up (which would be a happy coincidence) and kind of/sort of deliberately made sure that the Transy chapter received the Delta Theta designated. It seems like a nice gesture (honor) that one would expect from the ladies of Phi Mu.
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