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As FuzzieAlum so brillantly stated, the unedited post was an Oopsie, I guess. It was wrong of me to assume that people would know that A) and B) were either/or things and I should have made it more clear.

*Now thats its editied its clear*

We thought this decison would be fair because as stated in another post, we have many people who dont post very often, but have been on Greek Chat for a long time. And we also had people who have a ton of post but just became members.

No one is going to be excluded from Gamma Chi. It still is open to all members. However, like many things in the world, its just a matter of when you can get in. Everything has requirements.If you dont have a 2.5, you can't get into certain orgs at that moment. But if the next semester you get a 3.0, they can't deny you then. Its the same for GX.
And in all honesty, it doesnt take much to get 50 post. For example, if someone did one post everyday for 2 mos. they would be eligible for Gamma Chi. Even if you didnt post everyday you could surely make it.
Point is..., and if this sounds harsh I really don't mean for it to be but it just seems like people are becoming a tad bit overdramatic..., if we made exceptions for one person, we would have to do it for everyone. Somethings just might not be fair to a degree, but thats how life goes. It's not going to kill ANYONE to wait 2 months or so to get the 50 post or 6 months requirement. You'll still be a Gamma Chi just like everyone else. If people would like I am willing to skip the alpha new member ceremony and I'll wait for the Beta new member ceremony. People just settle down and relax. Everyone will get their turn.