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Then why, in the very first post about Gamma Chi (An Idea) does it state:
"Who is eligible for membership: Any registered Greekchatter who is interested in furthering Greek communication. Membership in another Greek org is NOT required. Members may have dual membership in Gamma Chi and any NPC/NPHC/IFC, local, honorary, professional, or service org."
I'm sure there is mroe than one person who fits those guidelines, but does not meet the requirements later enforced.
I am not saying that everyone should be initiated RIGHT away, or even in the first or second class, but shouldn't there be some sort of exception for people like me, who haven't, in hte few posts that they actually post, ever written something negative towards greeks, who OBVIOUSLY arent out to cause trouble? The whole reason for having Gamma Chi in the first place is to promote greek life, education, etc, and as a person who is NOT a member of a GLO, but would LIKE to be if I knew more about them, I think something like Gamma Chi would be very beneficial. I am not trying to cause a ruckus or anything, but isn't there some OTHER way they can screen potential members that don't qualify under the normal requirements, such as an essay, or possibly check out the posts or something that they have written (there can't be that many if they are under fifty). When I first saw this idea a week ago, I was SO excited to potentially become part of possibly one of the greatest things for greeks and nongreeks everywhere. Now, I am just sad, and very hurt to be excluded, and not allowed to participate, just because I have not posted very many times.