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Well, I do not know a whole lot about this Gamma Chi thing, but I was very interested in finding out some more information about it and perhaps joining. But when I read this post that says membership will be declined if you havent been a member for six or more months, and made 50 posts? That seems a little unfair to me. Why are you excluding people like that? I do not have a problem with limiting membership to the ALPHA class only to those who have worked exceedingly hard to make Gamma Chi, well, Gamma Chi, but after the Alpha class? I have not been signed up to this page for more than a month or so, and I have probably made less than ten posts, but I still wanted to at least CONSIDER being a part of Gamma Chi, and I thought that I could be a good contributing member in the future. Now you are telling me that I cannot be a member until I have posted a certain number of times, and I have been loging on to this page for a certain amount of time? Please tell me there is a good reason for this, because otherwise, this just seems like another way to try to exclude pepole. Of course, if I am wrong in any way, I have NO PROBLEM admitting that, and apologizing. I did, however, get the impression that Gamma Chi was to be used to embrace diversity, and therefore, it seems logical that Gamma Chi would open up its membership to everyone, (besides those who make blatant sabatoges of the pages and posts). This is why I would like an explaination for these seemingly excluding rules. Please, someone clarify.