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Originally Posted by Titchou View Post
I'm sorry that you have been led astray about how this works. It's a computer program. What you are saying cannot happen. You are saying that after the computer put out the completed bid lists, someone took them and removed your name from AAA and put you in BBB and somehow moved a woman from BBB to AAA without them realizing that she should have been elsewhere - or worse, just didn't give her a bid. Now who the heck would hate you so much as to do this? Stop and think logically about this. You need to accept reality and move on. As others have said, this is your only chance for membership. End of story.
^^^This. Literally. Is. The. Answer.

OP, read this again. If you were on their top bid list, you would have gotten a bid. Period. The end. Do you really think the campus recruitment consultant and Panhellenic Recruitment VP hate you so much that they went in and “fixed” the computer generated bidlists to move you to your #2 choice? Because that IS what you’re accusing them of doing.

It sounds like you could have been high enough on the 2nd list that you would have matched in prior years but they had an outstanding rush and didn’t have to go that deep on the 2nd list to fill to quota. (Even more true if your campus has an Upperclassmen Quota). Or none of your friends know what they’re talking about. Or the rush chair is lying to you because you’re making this so awkward for them. Or their advisors are heavy-handed and made some “tweaks” to the final list before submitting....But it really doesn’t matter because all of this is private membership selection info. All that matters is you were definitely not on the first bid list or you would have bid-matched.

If you knew you only would accept a bid to your #1, then you should have SIP. I don’t agree with that but it would have given your spot to someone who actually wanted to be in your pledged sorority.

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