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Originally Posted by SycamorePike View Post
I love the open rush at Indiana State. It is every fraternity's job to go out and rush. There are three fraternities that always do well at rush, and then the other seven either base theirs off a few parties or whoever happens to hang out with the brothers. Our rush numbers from the ten fraternities we had ranged from Pike who had 35 to Sig Tau Gamma who had 2. Everyone else was in between, the next highest was 23 by Pi Kappa Phi.

For one semester they did a structured rush, to try to "make things even" and it didn't work. I don't mean to bash it, because if it is done right, it works. But just doing it so that their isn't a drastic number difference is not the right reason. A potential guy is going to rush where he feels most welcome and will have the most friends, NOT wherever is smaller so he can make things even.
35 is the biggest?

Isn't Indiana State a kind of big school?
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