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On a somewhat related note. My University just ran an article re: returning recruitment to TWO WEEKENDS (with a week in between.)

This was the structure while I was active up until like 2008.

In 2008, they went to a TH-SUNDAY model (and two days for Round 1.)

They are returning to 2 weekends with the hope that it will return recruitment to a values-based experience and improve retention.


1. I do not think it is a bad change but I wonder if the length of a process is really what makes it values based? Values based has to start in the process itself.

2. Even with two weekends, we still had retention issues.

3. The community has obviously grown since the change (added 2 more chapters.)

4. Few are old enough to remember this but the change was aimed at keeping PNMs from dropping out of recruitment during that week in between.Commuter-y school. Greek community and recruitment itself was smaller. Girls would be unhappy with their parties on that Sunday for Philanthropy and drop. Or get House Tours invites they did not want and drop. There was a struggle to retain PNMs when there were only like 120 of them to begin with.

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