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Originally Posted by KKGCaroline View Post
Urm kind of missing the point on the whole drop/don't drop issue.

I'm sure every member goes through a phase where they think that maybe Greek life isn't for them, I certainly did. But I never EVER once considered dropping out of Kappa, I made a commitment for LIFE the day that i took part in my initiation ceremony.

If the "maybe i should drop out" thought does pop into your head, then you were obviously never that serious about your GLO in the first place, and yeah, I agree with Daffy and every other GC member that say:

"if you're asking random strangers if you should drop youir GLO or not, then drop"
Absolutely false. And I don't think Greekchat is the best place to go for this advice, because as you said we're all strangers, but I understand the rationale. You're probably not going to talk to your sisters about it and sometimes family or other friends isn't right either. It's anonymous and most likely a GLO member. General advice can be offered.
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