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I think a lot of women don't understand that Phi Mu is a NATIONAL fraternity for women.... not just a loose collection of chapters with their own rules! I know we had a lot of traditions on my campus that I thought were Phi Mu national rules... and it was also true that on my campus, new members were encouraged not to wear letters until initiation. It just made sense - would you wear a shirt with something big written on it in French, if you didn't know what it meant in English?

Phi Mu states (I think in the Phi Manual, too) that Phis do not "earn" their letters. If we thought you embodied the ideals of love, honor, and truth enough to extend you a bid, you don't need to "prove" anything more to us. The New Member period is so you can get to know your new HFME and the current sisters can get to know you!
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