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Re: Alpha Gam Roll Call

Well, I figured that it was about time to add myself to the roll call, so here goes ...

Jen (alumna)
University of British Columbia - Delta Zeta '97

Favorite AGD memories:
1) My Bid Day (Fall 1997) ... I suicided on my pref card & didn't sleep a wink after pref, waiting & fearing that I'd receive the dreaded phone call from my rho chi that I wouldn't be getting a bid, but it never came! That fateful day I received my AGD bid, knowing that they really wanted me too ... our bid cards read something like: "Delta Zeta (chapter) of Alpha Gamma Delta unanimously invites you to become one of its members" ... this still brings tears to my eyes.

2) Sitting down with a sister earlier this week - she has been an amazing friend to me & one of the few people that has been there for me when everyone else seemed to walk away. Let me tell you that, as an only child, it is hard to express in words how much I love this girl that I truly consider to be my 'sister', especially after everything that's happened in my life during the past year or so.

Dang! here come the tears again ... it's been a rough road, but I can't say that I regret it - if only for the friends that I've made.

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