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Originally Posted by AZTheta View Post
First, I'm grateful that you survived a brain tumor. That is a HUGE deal. You are brave, strong, and you had to grow up fast, obviously. So you're going to be fine in recruitment, trust me. You already know life is a lot more important than spray tans, diets, and manis/pedis. But, oh man, do I ever get the hair thing. I do, I do. (((hugs)))

Next, don't be surprised if it has already been mentioned by your recommendation writers (you have recs, right?). That will save you a lot of anxiety and "what if's" because it's likely that the chapters already know this part of your story.

Third, any chapter that cuts you based on your wearing a wig is not a worthy chapter. YOU, my dear, are a worthy person. That's not a word I use lightly.

I'm rooting for you. Big time.
Originally Posted by DGTess View Post
AZTheta usually has good advice. This time she hit it out of the park.

What she said!
Could not have said it any better myself.

Cherokee17, please be sure to share your recruitment story. You are going to have a LOT of people cheering for you!
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