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Day 2- Bugs could return to a maximum of 7 houses, her schedule includes:
Porky Pig
Foghorn Leghorn
Tasmanian Devil
Pepe Le Pew
Wile E. Coyote
Daffy Duck
Road Runner

Bugs is excited that she has a full schedule all though she is upset to see Pepe Le Pew on her schedule. She isn’t too bothered that Yosemite Sam is not on there they hadn’t made that big of an impression and she is relived that she doesn’t have to return to Sylvester.

Today was house tours:

First house of the day was Porky Pig- whatever love Bugs felt for them yesterday was magnified even more today. From the house to the girls she met everything about Porky feels like home to Bugs. She said they remind her of all of her girlfriends from high school and said she was the last to leave the house she was so into the conversation she was having.

Next up was Daffy Duck- Daffy was better for her today she said the house was nice and the girls seemed cool, but she had an awkward encounter with her cousin Tweety- who apparently was not very friendly. Mamma Bugs told her that Tweety could be preoccupied since it is her first time on the other side of rush and not to read too much into it…. Still Mamma Bugs is worried that Bugs may be trying hard to like Daffy Duck so she doesn’t let her (and Tweety) down.

Third house she visited was Tasmanian Devil- Bugs declared that they had “the NICEST BATHROOMS EVER--- I mean like EVER!”

Fourth house was Pepe Le Pew- Bugs was dreading this house and its noxious smell- but was very pleasantly surprised when she was paired with a girl from one of her classes. They had a great time and the house itself was very “cool”. Bugs left feeling a lot more positive about them than the day before.

Foghorn Leghorn was her fifth house of the day. The house was as beautiful as the girls. Bugs had a really good time but again she couldn’t help but think that maybe she liked them for their image and not for the girls themselves. She felt “out of her league”.

Next she visited Road Runner- OMG like seriously they all must be theater majors. Their songs are SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!

Wile E. Coyote was her final house of the day. Again she had an awesome time here and loved their house so much. She said that she just felt comfortable and “at home” with the girls there.

At the end of the day Bugs said she had a hard time ranking them because she loved all of them and could see her self being friends with any of them. She didn’t want to have choose. She finally went with
Porky Pig
Wile E. Coyote
Road Runner
Tasmanian Devil
Daffy Duck

And her Bottom 2
Foghorn Leghorn- reasoning that she loved the house and the girls but just did not feel like she could compete with them- she felt they were too smart and beautiful for her to be comfortable

Pepe Le Pew- Bugs kind of regretted ranking them in the bottom 2 because she had liked them today but her negative impression from the first day was very strong.

During her nightly debriefing with Mamma Bugs- Mamma took the time to tell Bugs that she needed to start looking past awesome songs and pretty houses reminding her that she was joining for the people. She told her to really look at what girls she thought she could be friends with and at the other girls that would be her pledge sisters. Mamma Bugs said she could almost hear the eye-rolls from over the phone.
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