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A Looney Tune Recruitment

Okay I know I don’t post a lot anymore (Thanks Spam) but I’m home sick with the flu so I thought I would post my friend’s daughters recruitment story. She went through recruitment this past fall at a school in the northwest- and my friend knowing how much I love a good rush story awesomely shared every detail with me… The observations are “unfiltered” and the one thing I loved about her story was how harsh, silly and emotional her thought process was. Typical 18 year old!

So without further ado let me introduce you to a Looney Tunes Recruitment Starring our very own Bugs Bunny Rushee…. At Warner Bros. U. -- Bugs is one of those truly neat kids that I KNEW going into recruitment would not only be successful but be one of the odd ones that LOVED the process. She loves meeting people and is very personable. In high school she was very involved and her grades were outstanding. She was what we would call the “full package”. Bugs has a lot of Greek connections with her mother, grandmother and aunt all members of different houses.

There are 9 houses on Warner Brothers Campus and recs were highly recommended. I really loved how another recruitment thread I read posted how the PNM went about getting their recs so I have included that here…..

The 9 houses:

Yosemite Sam - this was a hard one for Bugs and mom to get-they finally found a neighbor who mentioned that a guidance counselor at Bugs high school had been one, so Bugs made the connection and she was more than happy to write.

Foghorn Leghorn- my sister-in-law (who lives in same neighboring forest as Bugs) was a Foghorn and wrote for her

Daffy Duck- Bugs has connections to Daffy Duck out the rabbit hole so to speak- This is Bug’s legacy house through her mother who is a very active alum. Mom filled out the legacy form and a close family friend who was a Daffy at Warner Bros U wrote for her as well as the local area alum president- Finally Bugs’ cousin Tweety is currently an active and living in the house at the Warner Bros U. chapter.

Pepe Le Pew- this is Bugs’ legacy house through her grandmother. Additionally a good family friend as well as a sorority sister of grandmother wrote for Bugs.

Wile E. Coyote - Next door neighbor was a Wile E. Coyote

Road Runner- a cousin of hers was an active at this chapter at Warner Bros. U and graduated in the spring. She and one of her sisters wrote for her

Tasmanian Devil- two cousins were Tasmanian Devils- one had served as chapter president and one is very active in area alum chapter- both wrote for her

Sylvester- Bugs’ aunt was a Sylvester- she and a sorority sister of hers wrote for her.

Porky Pig—EEEKS! Mom and Bugs were so busy trying to find a rec for Yosemite that they totally forgot all about Porky Pig!!! Thus Bug’s has no Rec!—

Day 1
Bug’s goes to all of the houses.

Foghorn Leghorn- Bugs said they were all so beautiful and tent talk has them as the smartest on Campus. Bugs liked the fact that the seemed to eat all their carrots and have high IQ’s and clear skin but wasn’t sure she felt like she fit in.

Pepe Le Pew- Direct quote from Bugs “I hate them- hate- I would rather die than be stuck there” (ahhhh said as only an 18-year-old drama queen can say). Bugs also said the party was a “horrible disaster in every single solitary way possible”- Mamma Bugs has no clue what this means but it didn’t sound good.

Daffy Duck- Oops Bugs is not in love. Mamma Bugs said Bugs was trying to hedge but could tell there was no instant connection. Bugs said it “wasn’t as bad as Pepe Le Pew, but it wasn’t great like tent talk made the chapter out to be.”

Road Runner- like OMG they had the CUTEST songs EVER!

Wile E. Coyote- Bugs was surprised to like them- Tent talk had them firmly as a “lower tier” house but Bugs felt instantly at home and talked about soccer with her Wile Rusher. She said they were all so nice and fun not at all like what everyone said they would be like.

Porky Pig- Ooops- Bugs is IN LOVE. IN LOVE. Everything about them was instant love for Bugs. Mamma bugs is kicking herself for forgetting about Porky in the rec frenzy.

Yosemite Sam- cool house but totally forgettable

Sylvester- They were “rude and B—chy” Bugs declared. They did have an awesome house she conceded but the girls were not nice at all.

And the last house of the day was Tasmanian Devil- who lived up to their name- they were very high energy and were lots of fun.

At the end of the Day Bug’s rankings were:
Porky Pig
Foghorn Leghorn
Wile E Coyote
Road Runner
Tasmanian Devil
Yosemite Sam
Daffy Duck
Pepe Le Pew

After getting off phone with Bugs, Mamma Bugs was telling Daddy Bugs about the day and said “wouldn’t you know the one she would be in love with would be Porky Pig the only one she doesn’t have a rec for.” Daddy Bugs casually says “oh Aunt Petunia was a Porky Pig I wish I would have known”- Mamma Bugs wonders if stabbing Daddy Bugs with a knife would get her sent to jail or if she could she be set free for temporary recruitment insanity. Where was Elmer Fudd and his gun when she needed him! A very rapid phone call was made to Aunt Petunia however Mamma Bugs does not have a good feeling that Aunt Petunia will be able to do anything about it at this point. Petunia seemed very vague on the phone. But of course Aunt Petunia is elderly Mamma Bugs reminds herself as she contemplates killing Daddy Bugs again.
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