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Originally Posted by thetalady View Post
Let me tell you a little about the campus culture at Ole Miss. A few years ago, NPC had to send in a team to talk to the entire sorority membership.... all chapters. The visit was prompted by the vicious, overly competitive behavior and attitudes of the sororities toward each other and fraternities toward some of the sororities. NPC had to tell them to treat each other nicely, for God's sake! As you can tell, it didn't make much of a difference.
That is truly unfortunate. I was more referring to the assessment that a chapter with 270+ members was not "successful" enough to survive, in Theta's eyes. I know it is heartbreaking to have any of our chapters be considered the "bottom house". We all have campuses where it is the case and it is certainly not enviable. On a campus where the tent talk is vicious, as you describe, even worse.

However, I know from personal experience that you can have chapters with under 50 members that provide rewarding experiences for those women. I might contend that smaller chapters provide closer relationships and stronger leadership opportunities than these chapters with 400+ members.

I know there is the financial piece and the numbers have to make sense. But, does the house at Ole Miss sleep 300? If not, it would seem to an outsider that a chapter with 90+ new members and almost 300 members in total, could have continued enjoying their sisterhood despite being the butt of fraternity men's jokes.

During my collegiate days, we had chapters on our campus that were closed when they finally reached under 10 members. But, 270+ seems like an awful lot of interested, involved members that lost their home for the wrong reason. Truly heartbreaking.
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