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There's a reason that 80 percent of George Mason University graduates are employed within six months of graduation. It's because 80 percent (or so it seems) of the student body are already employed while attending school - a very big percentage employed by federal agencies in the DC area. Many are in some way "sponsored" by the various agencies. The GMU graduates I have known and worked with are (as a group) extremely serious people and very career oriented and motivated. They will usually stay with the agency that has paid their tuition. Of all the people I've known who attended GMU as undergraduates, none belonged to a fraternity or sorority (or at least admitted it to me) and they all had flexible schedule jobs with federal agencies while they attended college. They were not night students. I also doubt many of them attended a single Greek function - even though they were the same age as the typical undergraduate student. The expense of Greek life likely prevented them from joining those groups, though they were the type of people the Greek organizations would love to have.

What I'm trying to say here is that GMU is not the typical four-year college.
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