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Missing Most of Recruitment Week

Hi all! So Iíve been anxiously anticipating recruitment for the past year or so, and now that itís almost here, Iím crushed to find out I wonít be able to participate in most of it. Iím involved in another organization, for which Iím extremely grateful to have been selected, but theyíve made it clear that they must be the number one priority. Theyíve scheduled mandatory, all day activities the week of recruitment. I will only be able to attend Open house and Philanthropy. Iíll miss everything else, even Bid Day. There are several of us in the same boat and weíve been told to let our recruitment counselors know so they can relay it to the chapters. There are many active Greek women in this organization, so I know the chapters will be aware of the situation. In past years, theyíve held special events for those who had to miss parties, but nothing has been said this year. Also, this is the first year this organization has scheduled things so heavily during recruitment week. Iím wondering now if Iím just going to get cut by everyone if theyíre barely going to get a chance to know me. My school doesnít have Spring recruitment. Has anyone gone through anything like this or have any advice? Iím so disappointed and upset.
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