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It's pretty telling that there is something very wrong when everyone but the adviser's son disaffiliates from the organization. This is unfortunate, but nothing new re: AEPi.

In 2014-2015, I heard that the membership review and reorganization process was happening with the Tufts University chapter of AEPi.

The person who relayed this to me told me that AEPi nationals told the Tufts chapter that they had too many non-Jewish members and that they should seek to recruit Jewish members in their next pledge class. After this, the entire Tufts chapter decided to cut ties with the national organization.

These two articles ran but did not specifically state why the chapter decided to disaffiliate (although people do talk about it in the comments):

This AEPi alum and former adivser basically spells it out:

In 2017, Pi Delta (the local GLO that the former Tufts AEPi brothers formed after disaffiliating with the national) was shut down due to disciplinary violations.
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