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I wonder if the issue is complicated by the fact that students are essentially paying "customers" of these private universities and may have some exercisable consumer rights to push back against schools' absolute right of regulation.

My thoughts either way are that Greeks should seek to work with their universities, but knowing full well that Greek Life has a lot of leverage. Schools need Greek orgs because at the most fundamental level we enhance the college & learning experience, and in turn play a role in attracting & retaining students, giving back (at a higher rate than non-Greeks) after graduation, bolstering athletics revenue, providing housing and what not. Having an organized Greek System with an IFC, etc. also mitigates underground university-affiliated groups from going way off the rails and putting the school at legal or publicity risk. All the stuff you all know already.

But I bring it up because it seems that more chapters are eager to play hardball and disaffiliate from a college (or nationals) and going rogue. At least it seems like an idea that has been gaining popularity. While it may seem like an attractive option -- no rules! self-governance! maximum fun! -- the potential downside can be so risky. Kevin mentioned several, like zoning changes, facilities use and participation in sanctioned events. Another is how local law enforcement could come down on rogue GLO's.

Years ago, a family friend has a son who was a member of a fraternity that went its own way. As I understand it things were great at first but after complaints began piling up the police went after the group as a criminal gang (locals were also trying to get them prosecuted as a cult but that didn't work) that resulted in incarceration and attempted seizure of assets from the fraternity. Yes, this may be a bit of an extreme case and the degree of enforcement varies by state and municipality but point being that having a university there to take the brunt of these sorts of things can be a real benefit. Not that I need to tell any of you this, but I wish chapters would understand that the structure and processes are a double edged sword for both enforcement and their protection. Going rogue should really be a Hail Mary last option.
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