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Originally Posted by KDCat View Post
Respectfully, your focus on the law is entirely the wrong focus. I have advised KD chapters at two schools. I attended 2 schools as an undergraduate and 3 as a graduate student. Rape is a problem in our society and it's a problem on every campus. Other campuses handle their problem, though. UVa doesn't. That allows a culture in which extremely egregious acts happen, because everyone knows that nothing will happen to the rapists.

The type of things that are going at University of Virginia where rapists are protected by the university administration is not something that happens at most schools. You have a problem with your administration that is similar to what happened at Penn State or within the Catholic Church.

Other universities don't repeatedly destroy or alter medical records to protect rapists.

Other universities don't actively discourage the filing of complaints.

THIS. It IS a UVA problem. Do other campuses have this issue to deal with? Yes, of course. But it seems there is a lot of credible evidence that this university has systematically looked the other way and, in fact, as this poster points out has not helped the victims get justice.

I was at the chapter house yesterday that I advise and couldn't stop thinking about that article as I saw the girls. I hope so much that if any of our girls face this that they come to us as advisors. You bet your sweet ass I will personally go after those arrogant frat boys if they dare do this to one of our girls.

Its personal. I have a dear friend who was sexually assaulted on a college campus (by athletes who thought they, too, were above the law).

Let me throw more fuel on this disgusting fire. I wonder how UVA would have handled this matter had it been members of Alpha Phi Alpha or Omega Psi Phi involved with this? My guess is there would be members handcuffed and sitting in jail right now.

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