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rushing a new fraternity colony, good idea?

So I'm currently a Sophomore in my school, which to some people might seem a little late. I got busy with clubs and intramurals last couple semesters, so I never had the time to rush for anything the past 3 semesters I was here in college. Unfortunately, the only fraternity that is holding spring rush this year is a very new colony.

According to my school's Greek Office, it became a registered colony only just last semester (fall '13). I've talked to the VP last night at one of their rush event, and he admitted that they probably won't become a full chartered chapter until his Jr year (which mean I would be a Sr then). My campus already had 8 fraternities, several of them are quite large and well established (think the newest one chartered in '02). So I wasn't sure if joining a new 1-semester old colony would be good for me. I mean, several of the members in there are real nice and cool, and felt I could really make an impact with them being so new. I like their national fraternity's ideas and mission, and I suppose being in a colony would push me to work hard to ensure that my potential fraternity succeed in the long run.

But I'm just not 100% sold on the idea that joining a fresh colony would be best. The new colony already had 25 members, but I've heard that 18 of them came from the same high school and knew each other for years (all Fr). So I'm slightly worried that I might be an outsider if I decide to go down the process, not really knowing any of them prior to rushing. Plus, with so many well-established fraternities on campus I felt this one might just get overshadowed in the future in term of new members.

So should I rush for something like this, or should I wait another semester and see how everything pan out? I really like the fraternity's mission and goals, but felt I might be looked on as "outsider" due to most of the guys there all knowing each other from high school.
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