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If there were 12 chapters at your school and 13% of students are Greek, then it sounds like your campus has a pretty decent-sized recruitment. It may or may not be seen as competitive; but, I'd still venture to say that you might have underestimated the importance of recommendations. For example, a lot of Panhellenic websites won't specifically say that recs are required; but, then some come right out and list the names of the chapters, their addresses and links to the sorority recommendation forms.

Since you sound like you've done a lot of volunteering and research, I bet you know a lot sorority women through school, church, sports, neighbors, etc. Find those sorority women and see if they can write a rec for you next time. Recs are great because they are able to highlight all of your great accomplishments in the letter.

Also, if you have any mitigating factors, like say you have a huge, noticeable scar on your leg from a car accident or something, the rec writer can mention how you overcame the situation to be a successful student. Or, if you're typically kind of shy, your rec writer can mention that you're a bit quiet, but have a really sweet personality and good heart. Get it? That way you might not have to announce, "I tore my leg in a car accident" or "I'm sorry...I"m not sure what to say, I'm shy" at every round.

BUT, you still have to put in the effort, as others have mentioned, to come across as polished and conversational. You did say that going through recruitment was out of your comfort zone and so your demeanor may have reflected that.

Take this year to get involved on campus and make lots of friends. You can always try again during continuous open bidding in the spring (if slots are available) or again next fall. Good luck!
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