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Recs are more important than you think, even if Greek Life says they are "not required" of PNMs. For some groups, maybe for a majority of the ones on your campus, there may be so many young women signed up for recruitment that this is the easiest first cut. Don't be fooled by thinking the Greek system at your school is not competitive. When you have that many chapters on a campus it is competitive, even if it's not at SEC level competition.

If you are a freshman, COB either now or in the Spring is your best option. You are obviously intelligent and a scholar, so use your research skills and read through the stickied threads about all the vagaries of recruitment.

If you are in your school's Honor's College you will have some chances to meet women in Greek orgs in smaller, more natural settings. Also, you may find that sorority women in your classes seem to run in packs. Try to find settings where friendships can develop naturally rather than trying to insert yourself into an existing group.

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