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Think back on your conversations. Were they really good? Did you have trouble warming up to them? Were you visibly nervous? It's ok to be nervous and sometimes unavoidable but with the way rush works the chapters need to cut down to a certain number and they may just not have had room to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Then, talk to the Greek Life office. There may be opportunities for Continuous Open Bidding still this fall. But more importantly than that, work at becoming friends with sorority women. Don't be creepy or stalkery but join study groups, get in clubs, be friendly with the women you encounter in your day to day life, do stuff with the gals on your dorm floor. When opportunities open up in the future, those are the women who will be your best bet.

Look on the NPC Recruitment & Chapter Listing: Fall 2017-Spring 2018 thread. If all of the chapters show pledge class numbers, did all of them make quota? The one/s that didn't may still have spots to fill this fall. And whether you would be an option for them would depend on why you were cut. If you just weren't high enough on their list, they may be glad to have you back now. If you were actually cut, then trying again isn't really going to help much. But nobody is going to be able to tell you in which category you fell.

Keep your chin up, keep that attitude positive, work on your social skills, and give it another shot, either right away, in the spring or next fall.
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