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I am the OP and I honestly had forgotten I posted this back in the fall right after rush. I know this thread is somewhat old, but people did have some questions and comments I want to address and maybe this could be helpful to someone else in the future. These were valid questions and I feel like I should answer them.
First, social media was brought up a lot as a possible red flag. I always make sure my instagram is kept clean, I don't post pictures in revealing clothes, etc. I also do not have a finsta, I never post on facebook, and I rarely ever use snapchat. For these reasons, I do not believe social media was a problem at all, they only could have judged me on my instagram and its just generic pictures with my friends, travel pics, etc.
Some others brought up a possible bad reputation in high school or making a bad impression at a party or something. I know I can't ever know what everyone in high school truly thought of me, but I really am the type of person who just laid low and stayed out of all drama. I also don't remember ever having a bad encounter with a sorority girl at a party or in any other situation.
To answer some other questions, the legacy chapters were of my mom and sister so I am definitely a legacy. I had recommendations for most of the chapters and they were written by good family friends who know me well. My unweighted gpa was near perfect.
I honestly just think I didn't stand out at all and fell through the cracks, that's what I've told myself to cope at least.
For those saying I should have given that one chapter a chance, I understand where you are coming from, but I am honestly so glad I did not. Nothing against that chapter at all, they were all very nice and I understand my original post sounded like I wrote them off because of tier or something. It had nothing to do with reputation, I really just didn't vibe with the girls and I did not believe it was going to be worth the time or money for something I wasn't all in on. I think people forget that this is a very expensive thing to be a part of and I wasn't willing to pay the money to be a part of a chapter where I don't think I fit in. I have spent this year getting involved in other things on campus that I might not have had time for if I had joined that sorority. I don't feel like I should have to defend myself for deciding that I would rather save the time and money and get to be involved in other things that I am passionate about rather than feeling like an outsider in that sorority. I have seen multiple people this year who are unhappy about the chapter they joined because it wasn't a proper fit and I'm glad I am not in that situation.
Thank you for all of the comments. If anyone wants to respond, feel free.
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