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Originally Posted by SarahE View Post
What are the strongest houses at UT to consider as an out of state student? I'm going to start getting rec letters together but do I really need to have them for the lower houses?
The strongest houses at UT are PiPhi, Kappa, Theta, Tri Delta, Chi O, Zeta, APhi, AXO, AEPhi, DG, KD, ADPi, AZD, and SDT. There's no such thing as a "lower house".

Originally Posted by SarahE
I think I can skip AEPHI and SDT because I'm not Jewish.
Originally Posted by DaffyKD View Post
Don't rule out houses because of their religious founding. You just may find your best fit is at that house. I AM Jewish but I belong to a house that was not founded on Jewish practices.
What DaffyKD said, x1000. I wasn't Jewish when I pledged AEPhi. My chapter has active sisters and alumnae who are Roman Catholic, Episcopalian, Methodist, Hindu, and that's just off the top of my head. So, get recs for every chapter, including AEPhi and SDT.

And ditto what thetalady said about the financial obligations associated with sorority membership. You're looking at a few hundred dollars per semester even if you're not living in the house, and your first semester is going to be the most expensive as you will have to pay some one-time fees (e.g. initiation fee, cost of a badge).
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