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For OOS girls going to UT - it is very important to connect with girls from your high school at UT and are in sororities (if there are any). You need to do everything you can to level the playing field regarding connections. As a fellow California family, we got 2-3 letters of rec for each sorority, and didn't know about "letters of support". I don't know whether it made much of a difference either way - I view it is each sorority just got more "paperwork" that was probably redundant.

There is a great guide that we used like a Bible - google the Houston area panhellenic recruitment guide - this way you will know what your "competitors" are doing. Read up on the attire for Rush, and don't be afraid to dress it up a bit, many girls do this.

Practice your conversation skills - being OOS is a great conversation starter and way to be remembered. As said up thread, there are a few sororities that primarily draw from the same Texas neighborhoods/camps - no biggie, there are plenty of sororities that actually get to know you and assess your fit. Be ready for a long, exhausting, hot week - the humidity is the hardest thing to get used to. There are things you can bring with you to help cope with the heat.

Good luck!
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