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Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
As I said in the other thread, if it is true that this organization actually published its ritual involving physical hazing, "some physicality," then they shouldn't exist as an organization unless they seriously address that. They are a liability to FSL groups everywhere. We all know how difficult a road it has been for our own organizations to root out hazing. We're not close to putting that issue to bed.

How mind numbingly stupid would leaders have had to be in 1994 (not 1954) to publish words suggesting any level of physicality whatsoever? That problem would have to be consistent throughout the entire organization by now. I don't believe that's a bell which can be un-rung.
As a follow up to my original post, my wife reminded me that we have heard of at least one chapter of my fraternity which holds initiation at a scout camp and another that does so at dawn, so both of those are situation where the level of physicality would be greater than zero....

If I worked in Greek Life at a school with a Pi Delta Psi (sorry for getting the name wrong in the thread title), I'd want to know exactly what "some level of physicality" entailed.
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