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Originally Posted by sigmagirl2000 View Post
Wellesley is not close enough to be feasible to share a chapter with as far as undergrads without transportation go..... I don't know of any NPC orgs that do regional undergrad chapters.... this could be a consideration with other Boston city schools?
I certainly haven't heard of any NPC orgs with regional undergrad chapters. There might even be something in the Unanimous Agreements prohibiting it.

I'm an alumna of MIT, so I'm very familiar with the Boston/Cambridge area. MIT students, particularly undergrads, are actively discouraged from bringing cars to campus. I imagine the same is true at Harvard. And Wellesley students driving to Harvard would be hard pressed to find parking. (You can't "pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd".) IIRC, Alpha Kappa Alpha has a chapter with members from MIT, Harvard, and Wellesley, but I have no idea how they get around the transportation logistics. Back in my day, MIT and Wellesley had a cross-registration program, and there was a shuttle bus so that students could get back and forth, but that wouldn't help the Harvard students. Of course, there are plenty of other schools in the Boston/Cambridge area that are reachable by bus or T.

Back on topic - I'm sorry to hear that Theta at Harvard is shutting down because of Harvard's ban on single-sex organizations.
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