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Originally Posted by KillarneyRose View Post
I know what you mean; I'd love to see how other chapters do their initiations. Actually, I'd REALLY love to attend the initiation they do at Convention every other year. Since it's the National Council that does it, you KNOW it's done perfectly. I'm curious to see how it differs from how our chapter did it. ("uh oh, I can't find the sacred turtle shell" "okay, we can just use a seashell instead. No one will know the difference.")
Having seen an initiation at our convention, honestly? It was just a lot more people standing around watching it. Then again, I think ours is pretty idiot proof. From what I gather on here, other groups' are more complicated. Ours is quite straightforward (except for the part where we fire up the Phoenix's butt) and I like it that way.
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