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I just wanted to repeat the thing about schools with deferred recruitment - please remember that we are in the same places as you and we do know that you're freshmen and we are paying attention. I definitely am going to have an opinion of you going into recruitment if I've seen you dancing on bars, puking in the bathroom or hooking up all over the place first semester, and I can pretty much tell you that it won't be a good one.

Also, I totally agree with the "be careful what you say in public" concept, continuing through recruitment. I have definitely been around campus and heard freshmen talking about recruitment and specific GLOs and even knowing they have no clue I'm there/ am greek, it looks really bad. A lot of greeks know eachother and we talk.

At my school, we're not allowed to talk about boys, booze or other GLOs. I don't think this prevents you from learning about someone/ getting to know them because my opinions of people and friendships aren't based on any of those topics. We generally try to avoid controversial topics but really who meets someone and jumps into talking about abortion?

And finally, on the subject of talking about how much you love an organization, I agree that it's great to compliment sisters on skits or tell them that you're having a great time or that someone is really sweet, but PLEASE don't go overboard because it makes it awkward for the sister who obviously can't promise anything and shouldn't even if they could.
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