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Originally Posted by ChioLu View Post
Sophia Umansky, daughter of RHoBH Kyle Richards is a KKG. On her instagram, she says she lives in D.C., and thru a little more digging, it looks like she goes to George Washington University.
This is her dorm room:

Side note: someone I follow on Twitter retweeted a post from her mom, saying that Sophia had a 106 degree temperature and is in the hospital. Prayers for her.

Another daughter, Alexia Umansky, is an Alpha Phi at Arizona (now alumna).

Kyleís oldest daughter, Farrah Aldjufrie (from her 1st marriage), started at NYU in 2006, then transferred (2008) & graduated at USC, but I havenít found a sorority affiliation.

Kyleís youngest daughter, Portia Umansky, was born in 2008, so she wonít be starting college until at least 2026.

According to IMDb (as I donít watch the show), all of her daughters have appeared many times on RHoBH.
Also to add, I remember hearing Kyle's sister Kim, saying that her youngest daughter (I believe her name was Kimberly) who had previously appeared on the show with Kim was also a KKG.
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