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On many campuses, if the WRC does not keep within a competitive number of the next lowest chapter, they run the risk of being closed. Even if there is no tent talk(and we know that doesn't happen), the PNMs can tell that the chapter has less members when the members all have to take more than one PNM to rush. I would venture to say the perception would be smaller=troubled=less desirable, whether that is true or not.

The year I was a rush counselor was the last rush for a couple of the sororities on campus. All the chapters still did the Busby Berkley front yard song and dance routines, and it was very apparent how many members each chapter had. The struggling chapters had a look of desperation about them-it was really sad, and I imagine that it was very stressful for their members. Three of the 4 (out of 18) WRC chapters closed that year, and the 4th one the following year. Would RFM have helped? I can't say, but I wonder if RFM will help prevent chapters from getting to the point of no return. I hope so. I think the point of RFM is to help the struggling become (or stay) viable, and it seems to me that the only way to do that is to grow, so that they are nearer to the average chapter size.
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