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If you can handle the thought that you may not get a bid, keep going. Maybe more women need to meet you so they feel comfortable inviting you to join their membership. If their philanthropy event is something you'd go to anyway, go.

I would NOT bring up membership at the philanthropy event (unless asked a direct question such as "Are you interested in joining XYZ?").

One thing that may be happening is that the woman you emailed is no longer the "coordinator" as many groups bring in new officers with the new calendar year. My best advice is to be patient (if you want to join any sorority) and be kind and polite. That sort of classy and mature behavior will always pay off, and you won't be featured in a GC post about a weird or strange PNM. Even if this group isn't interested in having you as a member, your actions in this situation will likely play out if you go through formal or informal recruitment in the future.
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