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Originally Posted by Quala67 View Post
I'll keep this short, b/c those of of following the recent discussions have been reading a lot lately!

1) Thank you for the kind words Randy - but just saying I've been stressed would have been enough. No need to post my LJ link to the world...

Originally Posted by Quala67 View Post
2) Gally isn't a target right now. This is for several reasons: a) Section 85 has got two efforts on the table now, and that's more than enough for one section to handle at a time, and b) in prior contacts with the school, I've not gotten a favorable response in trying to reactivate Omega Omega.
During my time as an undergrad (1989), my section chair (Section 63) dealt with four extension efforts at once (I think only 3 of them were PGs at the same time.) along with 12 chapters. I think they fitted him with an "I love me" jacket at the end of his term.

Originally Posted by Quala67 View Post
3) Therefore, while there are two efforts that are progressing - we are going to wait on the one that hasn't had a receptive administration.
At least it's a "wait" rather than the "no way in 4{!!" like at Harvard.
Because "undergrads, please abandon your national policies and make something up" will end well --KnightShadow
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