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Originally Posted by honeychile View Post
Okay, I want to play the devil's advocate here. Our chapter policy (I don't have the advisor's guide here to see if it's an international one or not) has always been to notify anyone who has sent a rec for a legacy of her status if she's dropped (or given a bid, or went to another GLO).

Let's say that Pam PNM is a direct legacy to Alpha Chapter. She has perfect grades, perfect activities, everything you could ask for in a PNM. Alpha Chapter strings her along to one of the last parties, then after a tirade by an active sister, cuts her. Every other GLO has released Pam for being such a sure-fire legacy, so she is now completely out of choices.

Do you think her mother/grandmother/greatgrandmother deserves a call?

What if a sister breaks ranks and tells Pam why she was cut?

Do you think Pam's adult enough emotionally to handle this by talking to the stranger assigned to her as a rush counselor?
Quite frankly, that chapter sounds like such a bunch of a-holes that I think the last thing they're going to worry about is how Pam or her mom/grandma etc feels.
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