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Originally Posted by LadyAquarius View Post
You're absolutely right. From the years I've gone through recruitment as an active AND as an alum & adviser, conversations that went on during MS do not leave the room. Sister or not, if she's NOT in the room when the conversation took place, it is not her business to know what was discussed.

This is the way SK does it. Perhaps other orgs do it differently. To say it's BS is just ignorant b/c AF, you're NOT a member of SK so you don't know what goes on during Sigma Kappa MS.
So you wouldn't be allowed to tell a mom who was a member that her daughter had been cut at all or you wouldn't be allowed to tell her was the MS discussion was about?

My memories of MS and most rules for my group are very out of date if they were ever accurate, but to me they're two different issues.

MS discussion is almost like it should never be spoken of again with anyone, but party lists once set seem like they are something else. It's a yes or no kind of thing, and it will be pretty public once the pnms pick up their invites or attend the parties. You are just (maybe) giving the alumna member a heads up as far as timing.

You wouldn't want members blabbing the info to random people because it would be bad manners, counterproductive, and invite a discussion that did breach MS, but the alumna member isn't a random person.

ETA: I'm just saying this as my opinion generally. I'm not trying to say what I think anyone's real policies are.

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