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Originally Posted by seraphimsprite View Post
It's really not though. Maybe it's different in your organization, but in my experience MS discussions are supposed to remain in the room. It's a little different than official business from an ordinary chapter meeting, IMO. If all initiated sisters had a right to know MS conversations, then would we start telling members that they were towards the bottom of our bid list once we initiated them? Or any discussion that might have been had about a member?

You're absolutely right. From the years I've gone through recruitment as an active AND as an alum & adviser, conversations that went on during MS do not leave the room. Sister or not, if she's NOT in the room when the conversation took place, it is not her business to know what was discussed.

This is the way SK does it. Perhaps other orgs do it differently. To say it's BS is just ignorant b/c AF, you're NOT a member of SK so you don't know what goes on during Sigma Kappa MS.
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