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Originally Posted by Tom Earp View Post
As for laura laughlins situation,

this is how the FEDs, do people who do not plead guilty and take a deal or plea, PILE EXTRA CHARGES on them!

Makes them feel a lot worse than they may feel just so they will take a plea. I did and most L E O's did. Yep, sad I know.

Hope she and hubby beat the whole mess and then spank the hell out of the TWO BRAT's she has for kids!
Tom, if they committed a crime, they committed a crime. You already know that people are offered plea deals for lesser charges in the interest of a more swift justice (for the public and/or the victims). If the defendant qualifies for all of the charges then so be it. If they are not guilty of all or some of the charges, then they should be found not guilty. As for the two daughters, they don't publicly seem to be remorseful of the situation or their mother's predicament at all. If the parents were willing to pay $500,000 to grease their daughters' way into college, then I assume they aren't the kind of parents to "spank" their daughters - and that's what got them into this mess in the first place.
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