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Red face HC I GOTS TO VENT!!

HC Ideal, the thread should be titled, Del's Drama filled day!

HC I don't know where to start?
HC let's start with the in-law to be?
HC she is my LS too?
HC that Binch is an ungrateful, manipulative, selfish trick?
HC I'm not suppose to feel this way about my LS?
HC Sorors can be shady too?
HC I'm the Maid of Honor for the wedding?
HC it's that way just because I'm the only reliable person in her life?
HC more reliable than her wavery family?
HC she's used me because of that?
HC I don't feel right walkin' down the aisle being Maid-of-Honor when I know she's not my true friend?
HC I gotta sing a wedding song for the "happy couple" too?
HC and give a friggin' speech?
HC I'm abouts to say "to the f'n bride and groom"?
HC she has no friends?
HC all of her "friends" backed out of the wedding?
HC I wanna swing on her arss?
HC I haven't been this angry since the last night I was on line for Delta?
HC I was ready to swing on her arss then?
HC I don't understand how people can be so manipulative?
HC my nephew-to-be's mom is CRAZY?
HC that disturbs me?
HC more drama?

HC Mr. Too Much Baggage, y'all remember him?
HC he's full of sh-t?
HC I'm nice and get abused by people?
HC with his arss, I'm learning so many lies that he's withheld from me?
HC I was still trying to be his friend?
HC he's not worth my friendship?
HC y'all remember when he was tryin' to get with me?
HC his arss has a FIANCE?!?!?!
HC I'm no man's mistress?
HC even more drama?

HC I found out that one of my close friends is dating the guy that I use to date?
HC that's really f'd up?
HC I'm not upset that she likes him because he was crazy?
HC that's something I would never expect from a close friend though?
HC she told me that they were going to go out to Outback to discuss getting a job at his company?
HC she said that she really doesn't like him though?
HC she also said that he ONLY TALKS ABOUT ME when they're on the phone or together?
HC why the hell you wanna date somebody that talks about your close friend and SOROR (forgot to mention that) all the time?
HC I found out that they're dating through my girlfriend?
HC she wouldn't even tell me?
HC I wish them a happy relationship because he's stuck on CRAZY?
HC why have so many people been revealed to me this year?
HC I can't trust people for sh-t?
HC y'all forgive my profanity?

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