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BID DAY!!!!!!

So... On the the big day! I woke up with knots in my stomach. I truly had the feeling that the day was not going to be my day. I spent all night the night before hoping that DALLAS was going to be the house for me.

We went with our gamma chi groups to the greek theatre on campus and I impatiently awaited the bid reveal. FINALLY it was time. I opened my bid card to find.....


Now I have to be honest- I spent so much time wishing for DALLAS that i talked myself out of the love I grew for ABILENE. The day after that was just bleh. I watched jealously as all of the girls around me opened their bid card to their first choices. I headed to the house and tried to feign enthusiasm so as not to bring other girls down. I just couldn't get in to it. Even after the first week I was still not very content. And then, something happened two weeks ago. I realized that, as I met all these different girls in all the different houses, I really did not belong ANYWHERE else, especially in DALLAS. I didn't want to be sisters with the other girls I saw- I ONLY wanted to be sisters with my fellow ABILENE's. And now, three weeks in, I already cannot imagine myself anywhere else. I love EVERYTHING about my house- from the colors to the sisters to the philanthropy. And I don't even know that many girls yet! Going in to rush, I didn't believe the whole "you belong where you end up- trust the system" saying that all the gamma chi's were telling us. But now I do, wholeheartedly.

So I know y'all all want to know! And I also know quite a few of you will be excited to learn that

I am



KAPPA DELTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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