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Philanthropy Day!

Sorry for the delay! I have ended up being busier than expected!!
Ok, so on the first Philanthropy day, we got our invite list bright and early. Denton and Galveston at this point dropped out of formal recruitment and would continue theirs after formal ended.
My list included:
I was really confused. Of course, I had no idea what to expect about recruitment coming in and I was naively a little too confident. I thought if nothing else, my GPA would help push me past the first round for some of the houses. I was just really sad that Lubbock and El Paso cut me because I thought we had such a great connection…. But, now I know there is so much more that goes in to cuts. I wasn’t sad about Ft. Worth. I was expecting that, just hoping for the best. I was still really excited about Austin and Dallas, though, and because those two had been two of my favorites I was happy about the rest. And I knew that I was lucky with my list- many girls only had 2 or 3 houses left. And some girls had none. I decided I was happy about Abilene because I had anguished about cutting them the night before.

The parties took place over two days.

Ok rambling- to the parties!

First was ABILENE- I love this houses philanthropy- I have a very close personal connection with it. It is something that I would be proud of saying I support. The girls were really sweet and definitely loved their philanthropy. And, a girl from my high school came to say hi to me which was significant to me because none of the girls I knew in the other houses did. I liked this house and I knew I wouldn’t mind coming back for House Tour.

AUSTIN- Again, I love this philanthropy, and again it is for personal reasons. I loved the set up here and I loved, loved, LOVED most of the girls I talked to. They were my favorite from any house. And I think this house does the most fun things to support their philanthropy. I knew I would want to be involved in all of those. After their party I was praying for an invite to house tour, but the last girl I talked to left me with a bad vibe, so that made me nervous.

HOUSTON- This house has an amazing philanthropy but the video for it upset me because I had experienced something similar to the girl’s story in it. And after, the girl talking to me said something about that which just really upset me for the rest of the party. I didn’t feel a connection with any of these girls- the conversations were all extremely forced. I didn’t really care to come back here.

ARLINGTON- Arlington had the oddest philanthropy but after their presentation I understood why the founders would choose it. It was really great and sweet and nicely presented. I really liked the girls I talked to- I had a really fun conversation with a girl about Disney princesses, which I know is completely off topic from philanthropy but I enjoyed it and I really liked her. Something about the girls in this house as a whole made me feel uncomfortable, though, and not like I fit in. But, their house is amazing and I wanted to see it on House Tour day.

Last was DALLAS- The girls I talked to at this house were my favorite of the day. I adored them, still. After their presentation this house became my favorite. Their philanthropy and fundraisers/activities to support it are so amazing and they do SO MUCH. And every girl seemed so much more in to their philanthropy than any other girl at any other house. THIS felt like the house for me and I wanted to be here for House Tour.

So, when I ranked that evening it went:
and released Houston.
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