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So my mom did 23andme and it phased with my results which updated them. I'm hoping to get my dad done too. This is a big reason why I prefer 23andme over Ancestry DNA. Although Ancestry broke my 70% of British and Irish down to 62% Irish (meaning Ireland, Scotland, Wales) and 13% Great Britain which was nice to know.

I like 23andme more for matching to relatives, and I like their comparison tools.

I have a question for anyone that's familiar with family trees and genetics. I have a great-grandfather who was born in Jersey in the Channel Islands, and his side of the family I can trace back in the Channel Islands to the 1600s. I'm wondering what they'd show up as genetically? I am assuming British/Irish looking at my DNA, but the islands are close to France, so I'm wondering if that's where the French/German factors in?
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