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Originally Posted by 33girl View Post
“Only” $1000??? I don’t even want to know what people are spending now.
I had the exact same reaction... "Only" $1,000??? And then I read this...

Originally Posted by GreekOne View Post
The chapters currently have a budget of $10,000!! The companies that produce these videos must be making big $$$.
... and nearly had a heart attack.

$10,000 on what essentially amounts to a bunch of girls frolicking around and blowing glitter at the camera, while some hip new song plays over the whole thing. Ten. Thousand. Dollars. And I get that this is a more digital age, and young women are on Youtube all the time, blah blah blah... but how different are each of these videos really? Are young women watching ten glitter-filled videos, seeing THE ONE and thinking, "Oh yea, that's the sorority for me."? It makes me sad to think these things might actually influence PNMs' decisions. The new tent talk!

Good for Sigma Kappa!
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