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Originally Posted by SoCalGirl View Post
I'm rusty on my Bama history. Why was there one more chapter doing formal in 2006 than in 2005 or 2007?

For 2011: 78 released, 132 withdrew, and 141 did not receive bids.

Would the 141 have attended pref and signed their bid cards but didn't maximize their options? Those women didn't want to risk a bid to the "wrong" chapter even if it meant having a shot at being a quota addition.

eta: I think there's a thread where we discuss "cross cutting" and effectively prove that it does not exist. Cross cutting is the myth that somehow if the PNM had ranked the chapters differently she would have received a bid. In reality, she was not high enough on any of the chapters bid lists to match before they filled quota.
The 141 probably decided they wanted their top choice or they would drop out and go through DG colonization.


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