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Originally Posted by MSKKG View Post
The procedure has changed since I initiated then. I remember the Registrar ordered our badges. I guess with the size of some NM classes, this became more like a full-time job!
Sorry for another crash, but THIS. Our new members must order and pay for a new badge through the New Member Educator, and it must be done a certain number of weeks before initiation. There are many different badge options to choose from.

As New Member Education advisor, let's just say it's like herding cats. Seriously. There's even a special approval process if a legacy wants to wear an inherited badge instead of ordering a new one. Again, this has to be done by the same pre-initiation deadline.

When I called Pi Phi HQ to order my daughter's badge, I couldn't believe how easy it was. Their new members get a gold-filled badge included with the initiation fee, and anyone who wants to order an "upgrade" just places an individual order through the Pi Phi store on their own, at any time. I told the Pi Phi rep. how much easier this was, and she already knew about Gamma Phi's process.
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