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Kappa Badge as Gift

Hello ladies

Sorry to 'crash' your forum but I had a couple of questions. My younger sister is a Kappa alumna. She initiated her freshman year of college but then ended up leaving the university for several years. When she returned she chose not to affiliate with the chapter (as she was trying to finish her degree, was older, etc. etc.)

ANYWAYS I recently learned that she never received her badge. I'm guessing they were ordered and because she left was not around to get hers.

I'd love to surprise her with one as a gift this year. So first, would it be acceptable for a non-member to order a Kappa badge FOR a sister? (It appears anyone can order them through HJ Greek).

Second, would there be any way to figure out her initiation date without asking her? I'm hoping to surprise her, but if all else fails I can just ask. I tried going to the chapter's website (Lambda, University of Akron) but couldn't find any contact information.


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