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I was VPAE of my chapter last year. Here are a few things my committee and I implemented. (We jumped from 8th to 2nd place among sororities on campus in GPA in one semester! And the next semester, we made 1st place!)

-A Box and No Skippy Jar: We passed these around during chapter, and girls submitted their name o the A Box for each A they received that week and submitted their name to the No Skippy jar if they attended all their classes that week. I then drew out a name from each jar and they got small prizes.

-Professor Appreciation: Each sister nominated 1 professor to be recognized. One semester we gave those new M&Ms that have "thank you" printed on them, and the next semester we bought inexpensive bud vases ($1 at Wal-Mart) and gave them an iris, accompanied by a "Kappa appreciates all that you do" note. These were a big hit among faculty.

-Word of the Week: During recruitment, many girls were misuing their cognitives, so we defined a new cognitive each week so that everyone would use them correctly.

-Study Challenge: Every woman kept track of the hours she studied on a pre-made template I passed out. She received a point for each hour she studied, with double points for studying with another Kappa and triple points for tutoring a sister. We also gave points for attending scholastic events on campus (such as workshops put on by the Academinc Resource Center, etc). At the end of the semester, the points were tallied, and the top 5 or 10 received prizes.

-Recognition: We recognized in chapter girls who took the GRE, LSAT, etc as well as those inducted into Honor Socieites and Order of Omega.

-Study Buddies: At the beginning of the semester, girls signed up on one sheet if they needed help in a subject, and signed up on another sheet if they were able to give help in any subject. I then matched up everyone, and if there were sisters who needed help in a subject that no one could help them with, I found on-campus resources for them to look into.

-Scholarship Pearls: Were given out for achieving a 3.8 or above GPA.

-Emails: Our chapter has a Yahoo Group account, and I CONSTANTLY emailed out opportunities for scholarships, on-campus workshops, important academic dates (such as add/drop, withdrawal deadline, when intent to graduate forms were due) and other interesting things. I emailed to the point that I am sure the entire chapter was sick of seeing my email address in their inbox, but every time I sent an email out, I got at least 2 or 3 "Thank you! I didn't know about that!" emails back.

-Finals survival kit: I made little goody bags for each sister. They contained a pencil, a pen, a highlighter, an herbal tea bag, some Smarties, and a few other small items. The Dollar Tree is good for this project. I also had massive amounts of Scantrons, pencils, and highlighters and passed those out through the semester.

-Test bank: Sisters donated their study guides, notes, and everything they had for their old classes to help others study for tests. We had a check-out system, and the girls could take 1 file for 1 week at a time.

There are just a few of the things that I did with the chapter... I could probably go on and on!
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