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Yesterday, a little boy I know turned 8 years old. He used to be my godson, until his mother told my sister that I don't do chit for him and wondered why she had selected me to be the godmother in the first place. But how could I do anything for him if I was a full time student and only had a part-time Work-Study job that surely didn't pay enough to support me. I've tried to be the BIGGER woman, but that's impossible if, in addition to your present size (bigger than me), you won't pick up your dayum phone when I call or return any of my phone calls. So you know what, I'll stop callling you. If 1) your fingers aren't broken, 2) you've had your baby, 3) you put more minutes on your prepaid cell phone, or 4) you get just five minutes of self-time in your "BUSY" day, can you at least let me know you still live on planet Earth? If not, I'll understand and consider you, your children, your nieces and nephew, and siblings non-existent just so that none of you will have to hear my annoying azz call any of you again. Would that make you feel better?
"Having a nasty attitude won't yield you the results you want when you want them; it'll just make people steer clear of you and your toxicity in order to keep from being contaminated by you and your nastiness."- Me
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