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I have a new car!!!!!

I have finally gotten through all the hoops to take over the lease on my late father's Lexus and re-register it in my name. It's a sweeeeeeet car. Poor car - my father only drove it to church and the grocery store and such, and he was a stickler for speed limits, so I think it felt deprived. I got it out on the interstate, opened it up, and OMG was it happy. The ride is so smooth that I didn't even realize how fast I was going until I looked at the speedometer. (Fortunately, I noticed this before the cops did!)

I highly recommend Lexus to ANYONE looking for a new car - especially if the primary driver is an older driver or a new driver. My father's previous Lexus (same car, earlier model year, nothing changed but the model year and the VIN) literally saved his life - he totaled it, but walked away without a scratch. The safety features are top-notch. Just mind your speed.
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